How I earn 550 $ from Fiverr

Hello friends, Today I am going to tell you that how you can easily earn smart money from

But First of all, I will tell you about my journey on Fiverr. I created an account on Fiverr, at that time,

I did not know anything that How works and How will I get the job on Fiverr.


How did I get my first order on Fiverr?

I started learning android development in 2019 from myself and some youtube videos and started making simple apps. When I knew the basics of android development, then I created gigs on Fiverr for Android and WordPress development. After few days of creating gigs on Fiverr, I get an order from a Pakistani student, who was looking android project for their college project. Then I helped them to create the app for only 25 USD, with my own domain and hosting. It was completed in 2 days and the buyer was very pleased with my work and provide me my first positive review.

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Earn by App and Website Development?

I earned money through App and Website development on Fiverr. today I will tell you, How you can earn money by app and website development. If you want to become a seller and want to earn money from Fiverr then follow all the steps carefully, surely you will become a successful seller on


  • Create an account on Fiverr.

If you have not created an account on, then click on this link and create an account, complete your profile and create your first gig.

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How to create an attractive and powerful gig on Fiverr?

While creating your gigs on Fiverr, make sure you are specifying every feature clearly, so that your buyer can get ideas that what features and functions you are going to provide them. We are going to provide some of the common tips, which make your gigs powerful.

  • Make Gig’s Title clear.

Write your gig’s title very objectives that describe your work and the field in which you are working.

for example,

  • I will create all types of WordPress websites.
  • I will create Android and iOS mobile apps with Flutter.
  • I will create all types of E-commerce app.


How I earn 550 $ from Fiverr


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