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Hi thanks for your awesome article, where to put FirebaseMessaging _firebaseMessaging = FirebaseMessaging(); ?

outside of the main build Widget.
firebase cloud messaging

Can you make a video for that? they can make a videos, it is not well understood

Okay, I will make a video soon.

But I can send cloud messaging by firebase console, but on my laravel dashboard notification hadn't delivered
I did all steps but changed Key with my Cloud messaging server key

Carefully match every step and make sure you have written route URL in web.php route and imported every namespace. If still didn't work, then provide me your code, I will help you.

Thanks for your reply,
I did all steps, and form works fine but after Submit It says "Notification Send successfully" and stored data to my Database .. But the message hadn't received on my mob or firebase console

Note: If I send the message from firebase console, received it on my mob

I have mailed you the details in your mail id.

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